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Nehemiah Project


Nehemiah Project was started in 2001 as a response to the HIV/AIDS pandemic sweeping across southern Africa. Twelve years later it is still going strong and has expanded well beyond its humble beginnings.

A big part of the recent expansion of Nehemiah Project is the Cowdray Park Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) Programme which commenced in January 2011. The 'brain-child' of British couple Ruth & Andy Thorn who moved with their family to Bulawayo in August 2011 this program started from nothing and currently reaches around 300 children from a diverse set of difficult backgrounds.


Computer students with certificates

Since January 2011, the Cowdray Park OVC program has:

  • Taught life skills to over 300 children.
  • Provided psycho-social support intervention for over 300 children.
  • Delivered a regular kids club every Saturday for nearly 200 children.
  • Provided ongoing care and support by our weekly home visitation program.
  • Trained 10 teenagers in peer leadership skills (and 10 more in training).
  • Provided annual mountain-top day-out and camp experiences for 150.
  • Installed a 16-station computer lab in a secondary school.
  • Written bespoke computer basics and English conversation courses.
  • Delivered the computer basics course to over 50 children.
  • Delivered the English conversation course to around 20 children.
  • Paid school fees for 31 of the most needy children.
  • Delivered expert agricultural training to eight families.
  • Helped empower the community by creating a local committee.

Fun and games at teen camp


  • Whilst we are proud of our achievements to date there is much more we want to do. We have big ideas for this year and beyond. We have started to work with children with disabilities and we want to do more in this area and with children who care for siblings with disability.
  • Another area we are looking to expand into is training young people in trade and work skills. We will partner with another organisation to achieve this.
  • Finally we are in the process of acquiring land on which to construct a drop-in community centre which will be our visible base in Cowdray Park: with a Kids Club, training and development, counselling, clinics and advice offices on a variety of topics, agri-training, sports therapy, etc. you name it – it's a possibility on our own site!


Good question. Answer... we do, and you do! You, who are reading this article, can partner with us, and sponsoring James Winsor in his great endeavour is one good way of doing so. If you donate directly into our UK account (Name: Nehemiah Project Support Trust, Sort code: 20 70 93, Account number: 63415805, Ref: J. Winsor) then every penny of every pound goes directly to front-line project services.

Mary has brittle bones loves arts and crafts

What our main building might look like


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Nehemiah Project Support Trust is registered with the Charities Commission in the UK, number 1146392.  Nehemiah AIDS Relief Project is a registered organisation with the relevant Zimbabwean authorities.