Cowdray Park Site Development & Use

It’s possible to get xated with “building” when you’re involved with developing a site like we have been for the past 3 years.

At Nehemiah Project, we’ve tried to ensure that we always maintain focus on what we are developing the site in Cowdray Park for. It must be put into good use and benet the community that it’s been built for, and ultimately, that’s where the project’s focus must be.


“A picture paints a thousand words” (or so the song goes), so here’s “x” thousand words to show our newsletter readers how we put the site to good use and how the Community benet’s from having it there and available to them where once existed only  brush-land and a build up of years of dumping rubbish. An eye-sore turned into a treat for the eyes and a place of refreshment to be enjoyed by any and all in the years to come.

It’s not possible in a few words in a newsletter to fully explain the value of these resources in the development of these beautiful and precious children and young people who nd themselves in such challenging circumstances. Social skills & life skills teaching and development, advice and counselling, fun and games, resilience building, family support and strengthening, encouragement in Education and much more go on at this site week after week, painting a picture of a brighter future for all participants.

Nobody can pretend that, from such dicult circumstances, all who come can or will seize the opportunities that they are encouraged to aspire to, but Nehemiah Project and this centre brings hope to those who have often been hopeless - and that’s powerful, that’s worth the effort and investment.


We’re so proud of our children and young people who have come through the ranks of Bright Future Kids Club over the years, and all who read this Newsletter, and who support and contribute to the success of Nehemiah Project in so many ways should be too. Here are a few examples of what’s going on with our “Kids”. Along with family, schools, churches and other inuences, Bright Future Kids Club has played a pivotal role in encouraging these children to set their goals high and achieve them.

newsletter 2

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