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Past Projects

Our work should never interfere with your business, your staff or your customers.

CT Scanner Uxbridge Lobby Various Laboratories

There couldn't be a better example of this being of high priority than when refurbishing interiors such as those found in Government Offices, Security Printers, Hospitals and Hotels. Here - where 24-hour working cannot be disturbed and staff vetting and behaviour is important - we have proven that our understanding of the sensitivity of the project and the need for special consideration is paramount. Because of this clients reward this consideration by considering us for their next project.

Case Studies

  • ACEx Extension

    Client: Imperial College
    Brief: To enhance the student experience, upon completion the new Entrance has created a destination for the department.
    How We Did It: Quest worked with the Client Team developing the Design from RIBA Stage C to completion.
    PDF: PROJECT-ACEx_Entrance_Lobby.pdf
  • Laser Lab

    Client: Imperial College
    Brief: Quest worked with the client on the success of the Extreme Physics project to develop a Brief for Rm147 within Blackett.
    How We Did It: Quest took the design from RIBA stage A to completion with key TAG meetings within Imperial College to ensure all ducks were in line!
    PDF: PROJECT-Laser_Physics.pdf
  • CT Scanner

    Client: Imperial College
    Brief: Quest where brought in to design and construct a facility for Qatar CCS Multi-scale Imaging Lab within the Blackett Building at South Kensington.
    How We Did It: Quest completed from concept to completion within 18weeks
    PDF: PROJECT-CT_Scanner.pdf