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Quest Interiors

London Studio
Studio 2
109 Gloucester Road
London SW7 4SS

T: 020 7460 2617

Specialist interior refurbishment is like catching a ball

We create spaces people love. Where design and build work in perfect unison. Where the head makes possible what the heart intends. Where we come in early to offer our ideas and experiences and, most importantly, make sure the best ideas best fit the budget.

These are the challenges we like to have thrown at us. This is what has made us bespoke and specialists at constructive thinking and creating.

ACEx Entrance Alperton House Ethos Flats

How? To explain, we use a Ball-Throwing Analogy...

If you're only a few steps away and we throw you a ball very gently, you catch it. Stand a fair distance away and we hurl the ball way up in the air, catching it is harder. Specialist interior refurbishment is like catching this ball.

You learn to stretch yourself and jump higher. You understand the benefit of standing closer. Your grip is tighter. Your attentiveness and powers of diligence are heightened. In short, you learn from the experience. And you apply this knowledge to everything you do, thoughtfully and constructively. No matter how challenging the task that's thrown at you.

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